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IPCO EMIT provides selective post-emergence control of annual and perennial broadleaf weeds in wheat (spring, durum and winter), barley, oats, bromegrass, annual canary grass and canary seed.


As this product is not registered for the control of pests in aquatic systems, DO NOT use to control aquatic pests.
DO NOT contaminate irrigation/drinking water supplies or aquatic habitats by cleaning of equipment or disposal of wastes.
DO NOT apply by air.
Rotational Crop Restrictions: Field previously treated with IPCO EMIT can be seeded the following year to barley, canola, flax, forage grasses, lentils, mustard, oats, peas, rye and wheat or fields can be summerfallowed.

 WHEAT (spring, durum and winter)
 BROMEGRASS FOR SEED (See minor uses section)
 ANNUAL CANARYGRASS (See minor uses section)

APPLICATION RATE: 0.625 – 1.25 L/ha
Do not apply more than one treatment per year.

 Do not use treated crops for grazing livestock or green feed until 30 days after application.
 Do not harvest forage or cut hay within 30 days after application.
 Withdraw meat animals from treated fields at least 3 days before slaughter.
 Do not harvest the treated crop within 60 days after application.
 DO NOT graze, cut or feed treated bromegrass to livestock.
SPRAY VOLUME AND PRESSURE: For ground application, apply in 50 to 100 L of water per hectare at a pressure of 275 kPa. For best results when there is a heavy crop canopy, or when the majority of the weeds are at advanced stage of growth, a volume rate of 100 L/ha is recommended.

TIMING: Wheat (spring and durum), barley and oats may be treated from the 2-leaf stage until the early flag leaf stage. Canary seed may be treated from the 3 to 5 leaf stage. Application before the 2-leaf stage may injure the crop. Winter wheat; apply in the fall to well established crops in the 3-leaf stage or larger, OR, apply in the spring at full tillering to the shot-blade stage. Do not apply when the crop is in the flag-leaf stage.
Apply in good growing conditions. Application must be made before the crop shields the weeds.
Only weeds that have emerged at the time application will be controlled. Apply when weeds are in the seedling stage (up to 6 leaf stage) and actively growing.

Registered for culturesRate
Winter wheat0.65 - 1.25 l
Spring wheat0.65 - 1.25 l
Spring wheat0.65 - 1.25 l
Spring barley0.65 - 1.25 l
Winter barley0.65 - 1.25 l
Spring oats0.65 - 1.25 l
Winter oats0.65 - 1.25 l