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OPTION 2.25 OD Liquid Herbicide is a post-emergent herbicide which controls a broad spectrum of grassy and broadleaf weeds in Field Corn in Eastern Canada and Manitoba utilizing conventional tillage systems and in lowbush blueberries in Eastern Canada.

Keep in original container during storage.
Store the tightly closed container away from feeds, seeds, fertilizers, plants and foodstuffs.
If stored for one year or longer, shake well before using.
Do not use or store in or around the home.

Recyclable Container Disposal
Do not reuse this container for any purpose. This is a recyclable container, and is to be disposed of at a container collection site. Contact your local distributor/dealer or municipality for the location of the nearest collection site. Before taking the container to the collection site:
1. Triple- or pressure-rinse the empty container. Add the rinsings to the spray mixture in the tank.
2. Make the empty, rinsed container unsuitable for further use.
If there is no container collection site in your area, dispose of the container in accordance with provincial requirements.
Returnable Container Disposal:
Do not reuse this container for any purpose. For disposal, this empty container may be returned to the point of purchase (distributor/dealer).
Refillable Container Disposal:
For disposal, this empty container may be returned to the point of purchase (distributor/dealer). It must be refilled by the distributor/dealer with the same product. Do not reuse this container for any other purpose.
Disposal of Unused, Unwanted Product:
For information on disposal of unused, unwanted product, contact the manufacturer or the provincial regulatory agency. Contact the manufacturer and the provincial regulatory agency in case of a spill, and for cleanup of spills.
Disposal of Unused Spray Solution:
If any spray solution remains in the tank after spraying is finished, it should be thoroughly diluted, then sprayed on the perimeter of the area just sprayed, away from water supplies, ditches, and irrigation canals.

SPRAY ADDITIVES: OPTION 2.25 OD Liquid Herbicide is to be used in conjunction with liquid nitrogen fertilizer (28 % UAN) at a rate of 2.5 L/ha. Use of a spray-grade liquid nitrogen fertilizer is recommended.
CORN STAGING: Apply OPTION 2.25 OD Liquid Herbicide from the 1-8 leaf stage of the Corn plant, or 5-6 visible collars (the leaf is counted once the next leaf is visible in the whorl). The tank mix partner label must be consulted for additional leaf staging restrictions.
APPLICATION RATES AND WEED STAGING: For use in field corn, OPTION 2.25 OD Liquid Herbicide is to be applied at 1.56 L product/ha and always in tank mixture with one of the listed herbicides. Best control of the following weeds will be obtained when OPTION 2.25 OD Liquid Herbicide is applied in tank mixture at the recommended leaf stage of the weeds.

Only the following crops have been field tested to indicate they may be safely planted at the prescribed interval after an application of OPTION 2.25 OD Liquid Herbicide. To avoid the possibility of injury to subsequent crops after an application of the recommended rate of OPTION 2.25 OD Liquid Herbicide, follow the crops and replanting interval which appear on this label and the label of the tank mix partner, and always observe the most restrictive replanting interval.

OPTION 2.25 OD Liquid Herbicide must be applied with properly calibrated and clean sprayer equipment.
OPTION 2.25 OD Liquid Herbicide is specially formulated to mix readily in water. Prior to adding OPTION 2.25 OD Liquid Herbicide to the spray tank, ensure that the spray tank is thoroughly clean.
1. Fill tank to half full with clean water and begin agitation.
2. Add the correct amount of OPTION 2.25 OD Liquid Herbicide and continue agitation until thoroughly dispersed. OPTION 2.25 OD Liquid Herbicide should be thoroughly mixed with water before adding any other material.
3. Add the correct amount of the dry component(s) of tank-mix partner(s) while continuing agitation and ensure it is fully dispersed before moving to next step.
4. Add the correct amount of the liquid component(s) of tank-mix partner while continuing agitation.
5. As the tank is filling and agitation is continuing, add the required spray adjuvant, liquid nitrogen fertilizer (28% UAN).
6. Add the remaining amount of water while continuing agitation and spray out within 24 hours of mixing to avoid product degradation.
7. If OPTION 2.25 OD Liquid Herbicide is to be added to a partial tank of Corn herbicides, pre-slurry OPTION 2.25 OD Liquid Herbicide in clean water prior to adding to the tank. This will prevent tank mix partners from interfering with the dissolution of OPTION 2.25 OD Liquid Herbicide.
Note: Ensure that all circuits (pipes, booms, etc.) have the correct OPTION 2.25 OD Liquid Herbicide/water concentration before application is started. Use vigorous agitation to thoroughly disperse spray mixtures that have been allowed to stand in the tank.

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