Elytrigia repens

A. repens is an aggressive perennial grass, which reproduces by seed and spreads by a shallow mass of long, slender, branching rhizomes. The plants are very resistant to drought and frost.

The rhizomes are usually yellowish-white, sharp-pointed, somewhat fleshy and up to 3 m (9.84 ft) long. The auricles clasp the stem, which helps to immediately distinguish it from most other grass weeds. Another characteristic feature is the long and narrow spike.

The first leaf is very long and wide without hairs on the lower surface.

Stems: Erect, 30 to 120 cm (11.81 - 47.24 inch), round, more or less curved at the base.

Leaves: The leaf blades are soft and relatively flat, slightly soft-hairy, dull and mostly dark green, sometimes glaucous, 6 - 30 cm (2.36 - 11.81 inch) long and 3 - 15 mm (0.12 - 0.59 inch) wide. The youngest leaf is rolled, the ligule membranous and short, truncate. Auricles occur at the junction of the sheath and blade. Sheaths are without hair.

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