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ULTIM 37.4 DF Herbicide is a dry flowable granular formulation to be mixed in water and applied post-emergence to field corn in Eastern Canada for control of quackgrass, annual grasses, and redroot pigweed. ULTIM 37.4 DF Herbicide is non-corrosive, non-flammable, non-volatile, and does not freeze. ULTIM 37.4 DF Herbicide is prepackaged in water soluble bags; each water soluble bag treats one hectare. Use gloves when handling the water soluble bags. Reseal unused water soluble bags into outer bag when not in use. Keep water soluble bags away from excess moisture or physical damage during storage and prior to mixing in the spray tank. Do not reuse outer bag.


A rapid fluctuation in temperature (greater than 20 deg C difference within 24-36 hours) will stress the corn crop. For maximum crop safety, allow 48-72 hours for the corn to acclimatize before spraying ULTIM 37.4 DF Herbicide.
For ULTIM 37.4 DF Herbicide used alone or in a tankmix, apply ONLY when the temperature in the 24 hours before AND after application ranges between 5 deg C and 28 deg C. Temperatures beyond this range increase the potential for crop injury. Separate applications of ULTIM 37.4 DF Herbicide followed by a broadleaf herbicide (minimum 12 hours later) will reduce the potential for injury.
Ensure that the boom is set at the proper height in relation to the corn plants to apply ULTIM 37.4 DF Herbicide accurately and uniformly, and to AVOID excessive application into the corn whorl.
WARNING: Crop injury may result if application is made to corn that has been stressed by abnormally hot, humid or cold weather conditions, frost, low fertility, drought, water saturated soil, compacted soil, previous pesticide applications, disease or insect damage. If corn has been injured by frost, wait 48-72 hours before applying ULTIM 37.4 DF Herbicide.
When tank mixing ULTIM 37.4 DF Herbicide with a broadleaf herbicide, always read the broadleaf herbicide label before using and follow all precautions.
ULTIM 37.4 DF Herbicide rapidly stops growth of susceptible species; typical symptoms usually appear within 5-7 days, but may not be noticeable for 2-3 weeks after application, depending on growing conditions and weed susceptibility.
Warm, moist conditions following application promote the activity of ULTIM 37.4 DF Herbicide, while cool and/or dry conditions may reduce or delay activity. Weeds hardened off by cold weather or drought stress may not be controlled.
ULTIM 37.4 DF Herbicide is a contact herbicide, and will not give residual control of grass or broadleaf weed seedlings that may germinate after application. Weed control may be reduced if the corn canopy has closed in over the weeds, intercepting the spray. 

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