Apple Tortrix

Archips fuscocupreanus

The introduced apple tortrix, Archips fuscocupreanus, is a pest of fruit trees and other woody plants. 

Damage: In the spring, the caterpillars of the apple tortrix feed upon leaves, and less frequently upon blossoms or developing fruits. In addition to feeding, caterpillars injure trees by pruning leaves, flower parts, or fruitlets to construct shelters in which they reside. When they are abundant, the caterpillars reportedly can defoliate fruit trees. To date, the caterpillars have not damaged trees in sprayed northeastern orchards.

Forewing color is dull brown with dark-brown to reddish-brown markings. Pattern expression can vary between individuals, but the median fascia is complete from costa to dorsum. Hindwings are brownish gray. Males have a forewing costal fold.

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