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Water dispersible granule containing 70% w/w metribuzin. Herbicide used for the control of grasses and broadleaved weeds in potatoes.

IMPORTANT: This information is approved as part of the Product Label. All instructions within this section must be read carefully in order to obtain safe and successful use of this product.

Weeds: Annual Meadow-grass, Black-bindweed, Blackgrass, Black nightshade, Bugloss, Charlock, Cleavers, Common chickweed, Corn spurrey, Common fumitory, Common orache, Common poppy, Fat-hen, Field forget-me-not, Field pansy, Field penny-cress, Groundsel, Henbit dead-nettle, Hemp nettle, Knotgrass, Mayweed spp., Pale persicaria, Red deadnettle, Redshank, Scarlet pimpernel, Small nettle, Speedwell spp., Sun spurge, Volunteer oilseed rape, Wild radish.
Critical comments: dose - 0.75l/ha. Latest timing of application: before the shoots of potatoes reach 15 cm in lengt.

For professional use only. Do not apply to the textural soil group “sands”. Do not apply to crops under stress. The product may be used on the same field only once per growing season. Avoid contamination through spray drift outside of the treatment area as BUZZIN may cause damage to sensitive crop species in particular brassicas, lettuce and sugar beet. Do not use on crops intended for the production of seed potatoes.

In case of crop failure, the soil must be ploughed to the depth of 15 cm. Only corn can be planted in the same field. Before planting other cultivated plants in crop rotation, plough the soil to the depth of 15 cm. It is necessary to consider the following limitations:
1. Rapeseed, beans and red beet cannot be cultivated for 6 months on lands treated with BUZZIN.
2. Clover and Lucerne (Alfalfa) cannot be cultivated for 4 months.
3. Carrots can be planted on soils treated with BUZZIN 3 months after treatment and ploughing of the soil.

The product is not phytotoxic to potatoes if applied at the recommended rate and as described in the instructions for use. The product should not be used if the plants to be treated are under stress. The product should not be used on crops grown on sands. The product should not be used on Maris Piper grown on very light soils and should never be used for post-emergence treatment of this variety. Before application of the product on new potato varieties please check with the sales representative. Yellowing of the foliage can occur following treatment, particularly if spraying is carried out less than 3 days after cool, cloudy weather and if a change to hot, sunny conditions occurs. The crop should out grow this yellowing. During hot, sunny conditions spraying is best carried out in the evening time. Damage may also occur if heavy rain follows spraying on gravelly or stony soils.

To prevent resistance always follow label recommendations and monitor crops regularly for any signs of poor control. Use cultural control measures wherever possible. Use sequences of herbicides with different modes of action within individual crops.

Potatoes (pre-emergence use)
Apply 0.75 kg product/ha in 200 – 400 l/ha water during post-planting and pre-emergence of the crop. Ensure that the boom is set at the correct height during application and that even coverage of both sides of the ridge occurs. Tubers should be planted in a moist, clod-free bed with a good tilth with well rounded ridges. No further improvements to the soil tilth should be required after planting. Cultivation after spraying will encourage weed germination and reduce the residual activity of BUZZIN. The product should be applied to moist soil as dry conditions will reduce uptake by weed seedlings meaning reduced efficacy. Residual activity may also be reduced on peaty and organic soils and on mineral soils with a high organic matter content. There is a risk of crop damage on stony or gravely soils especially if heavy rain falls shortly after application. Do not treat crops grown on sands. Do not treat Shepody, Maris Piper or Sante varieties grown on sands or very light soils. In order to increase the activity of the product on soils containing greater than 10% organic matter and on mineral soils under dry conditions, BUZZIN can be incorporated into the top 10 – 15 cm of soil. This method may be particularly advantageous to use on varieties that cannot be treated post-emergence. To use the incorporation method pre-planting, apply 0.75 kg/ha BUZZIN® during the final cultivation. Suitable cultivators include rotary harrows, rotary cultivators or spring tine harrows. Ridging up should be done as soon as possible after planting taking care not to incorporate untreated soil which will allow weeds to establish. A final ridging up can be made before the crop meets between the rows. A follow up post-emergence application of 0.5 kg product/ha can be made to recommended main crop potatoes (see recommendations below) grown in two-row beds only. This will give useful control of any late germinating weeds in the furrows. The incorporation method can also be used post-planting by applying 0.75 kg/ha BUZZIN to tubers placed in shallow ridges. Before crop emergence, incorporation can be achieved by cultivating shallowly while at the same time ridging up. In the case of second early varieties, this application may only be made on soils containing more than 10% organic matter. A further post-emergence application of 0.5 kg/ha will be needed to control any late germinating weeds (see recommendations below).

Potatoes (post-emergence use)
This method of application is only recommended for main crop varieties. Apply 1 application of 0.35 kg/ha – 0.5 kg/ha in 130 – 400 l/ha water. Application should be carried out at or before early cotyledon stage of the weeds until the most advanced shoots of the potatoes are 15 cm long. Ensure even coverage of both sides of the ridge. It is essential that the spray penetrates the canopy in order to treat the weeds. Do not apply during windy conditions. Varieties which may be treated post-emergence include: Cara, Desiree, King Edward, Kingston, Pentland Crown, Pentland Dell, Pentland Squire, Record, Romano, Claret, Isle of Jura, Vales Everest, Vivaldi. For the most up-to-date list of varieties, please contact the sales representative.

Temporary plastic mulches
Early potatoes treated with BUZZIN® can be covered with plastic mulches. This practice is not recommended for use following the soil incorporation method of treatment. Since the activity of the product is dependent on sufficient soil moisture, it is important that crops are well irrigated before the mulch is applied. Application should be made to well-prepared, clod free ridges. Inadequate weed control due to reduced residual activity may result if this method is used on mineral soils with a high organic matter content. 

For best control of early germinating weeds, apply BUZZIN® between the cotyledon to one true leaf stage. Black bindweed is less sensitive to pre-emergence treatment and is best controlled from the cotyledon to two true leaf stage.
For late germinating weeds (including black bindweed) a post-emergence treatment is most efficacious. Care must be taken to ensure only recommended potato varieties are treated post-emergence. Treatment must only take place before the leading shoots reach 15cm.
To treat perennial grasses in situations where the potato crop follows grass, it is recommended to first use a suitable herbicide and/or cultivations to kill the sward in the Autumn. Following weeds can be controlled using post-emergence application of BUZZIN®. Common couch will be suppressed when the product is applied up to the two-leaf stage.

Never prepare more spray solution than required. Dilute the measured quantity of product in a small quantity of water. Half fill the spray tank with the desired quantity of water and add the measured quantity of the product into the spray tank while stirring continuously. Keep the spray tank under agitation and add the required volume of water. Continue agitation until spraying is completed. Apply as a MEDIUM quality spray (as defined by BCPC). Apply using tractor mounted/trailed sprayer.

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Potatoes0.5 - 0.75 l