Common orache

Atriplex patula

Annual weed, propagating itself by seed, occurring in many forms, vigorous, 30-90 cm (11.81 - 35.43 inch) tall and branching with a taproot.

Characteristic Features
Either male or female flowers on each plant; lower stem practically square in cross-section.
The lowest teeth on the leaves are more pronounced than in Chenopodium album and point towards the leaf tip.

Long, narrow, often with a rounded tip.

Often deeply grooved and branching with very long, horizontal side branches.

Alternate, petiolate, ovate to lanceolate, lower leaves often hastate, lightly dentate, upper leaves entire, dark green, young leaves usually farinaceous.
The upper surface of each blade is hairless or glabrous, while the lower surface is often white-mealy.

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