Dow AgroSciences - herbicide

A suspension emulsion formulation containing 100 g/litre fluroxypyr and 2.5 g/litre florasulam.
A post-emergence herbicide for use on MANAGED AMENITY TURF, including domestic lawns, and AMENITY GRASSLAND for the control of DAISY, DANDELION, CLOVER, BUTTERCUP, RIBWORT PLANTAIN and other broad-leaved weeds.

IMPORTANT: This information is approved as part of the Product Label. All instructions within this section must be read carefully in order to obtain safe and successful use of this product.

CABADEX® herbicide has activity against a range of broad-leaved weeds. The ideal timing for application is when the weeds are small and actively growing.

Broad-leaved weeds not present at application will not be controlled.
Clippings from grass treated with CABADEX can be safely used for mulch after the third cut.
An interval of four weeks must elapse between application of CABADEX and re-seeding turf.
Do not apply if turfgrass is wet.
Do not apply to turf, lawns or grass areas which are under stress.
Do not apply if night temperatures are low, if ground frost is imminent, or in periods of prolonged cold or dry weather.
Ensure weeds are actively growing as after periods of prolonged drought, weeds can take a long time to start actively growing again after soil moisture returns.
Take extreme care to avoid drift onto crops and non-target plants e.g. trees, shrubs, bedding, outside the target area.

CABADEX contains active ingredients with differing modes of action and the risk of resistance building is therefore reduced. However, as florasulam is an ALS-inhibitor there is a risk of resistance building to this active ingredient and so precautions should be taken to minimise the risk. Therefore, avoid using single action mode of action herbicides, such as ALS-inhibitors in the same field over a number of years. Users are advised to apply products containing herbicides with different modes of action or use sequences or tank mixtures where two or more components are active against the target weeds.

CABADEX can be applied to newly sown or established managed amenity turf, including domestic lawns, and amenity grassland.
Ensure newly sown turf has become established before treating. Turf sown in spring or summer may be ready for spraying at or after two leaf growth stage, usually two months after sowing, but turf sown in late summer or autumn should not be sprayed until growth is resumed in the following spring, perhaps eight months after sowing.

Apply when weeds are in active growth normally from March to October when the soil is moist. Do not apply in periods of drought unless irrigation is applied. Avoid mowing 3 days before and after spraying to ensure sufficient weed leaf surface is present and to allow uptake and movement of CABADEX within the weed.

For overall application apply CABADEX in 200 litres of water per hectare. For knapsack application apply CABADEX in 2 litres of water per 100 m2.

CABADEX may be applied through tractor-mounted hydraulic sprayers or knapsack sprayers providing they are in good working order and have been calibrated according to the manufacturers’ recommendations.
Do not apply through CDA applicators.

Half fill the spray tank with water and add the required amount of CABADEX. Fill up the spray tank, agitating continuously to ensure thorough mixing, and maintain agitation until spraying is complete. Use only clean water for mixing.

Apply CABADEX as a MEDIUM spray as defined by the BCPC system.

0 - 0
Registred norm
2 - 2
Preharvest Interval
0 - 0
Registred norm
2 - 2
Preharvest Interval