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A non-residual herbicide for the control of annual and perennial broadleaved and grassy weeds. A soluble concentrate containing 450 g/l glyphosate present as 607 g/l (50.5% w/w) of the isopropylamine salt.

Mode of Action
ENVISION is an effective herbicide when used as directed against most annual and perennial grasses and broad-leaved weeds. ENVISION is translocated from the treated leaves throughout the plant and to underground roots, rhizomes and stolons. Symptoms such as gradual wilting and yellowing of foliage are rapidly visible in grass weeds but are slower to appear in broad-leaved weeds.

Timing treatments
IT IS IMPORTANT WHEN TREATING PERENNIAL WEEDS THAT THERE IS FULL EMERGENCE OF HEALTHY GREEN FOLIAGE AND ACTIVE GROWTH AT THE TIME OF APPLICATION. The efficacy of this product is increased if the leaf surface for absorption is large. Common couch grass is particularly susceptible at the 4-5 leaf stage, where there is about 10-15 cm of new growth, when tillering and new rhizome growth is starting. Most perennial weeds broad-leaved weeds are particularly susceptible to treatment when they are actively growing and shortly before flowering. Annual weeds should be growing actively at the time of treatment. Grasses should have at least 5 cm of growth. Broad-leaved weeds should have at least two sizeable true leaves. Under conditions of drought, flooding, frost or high temperatures, disease or insect damage or weeds heavily covered with dust, where plant growth is restricted the efficacy of this product will be reduced

Product Degradation and Following Crops
ENVISION is inactivated on contact with soil, by binding to soil particles. All crops may be planted or sown at specified intervals after treatment with ENVISION. A slight growth retardation following germination may be seen if seeds are sown by direct drilling amongst decaying treated vegetation, roots, rhizomes or stolons

Associated Farming Practices
Lime, chemical or natural fertilizers or other pesticides should not be applied before treatment or to treated areas for at least 5 days before or after application of ENVISION.

Weather Conditions
For best results a rainfree period of 6 hours and preferably 24 hours is required after application of this product. Treating weeds which are suffering from drought stress may result in reduced efficacy. ENVISION should not be applied under windy conditions because spray drift may cause severe injury or destruction of neighbouring crops. The action of ENVISION will be slower in cooler weather. This product should not be used under frosty conditions while weed growth is reduced by natural senescence

Tank mixes
ENVISION should only be mixed with products recommended in this leaflet and should be used according to the directions for use
Do not tank-mix with fertilizers, residual herbicides or other pesticides unless specifically recommended as this may result in reduced weed control.

Hydraulic sprayers mounted
on tractors Use any equipment which can apply at 80-250 l/ha as a MEDIUM or COARSE quality spray with a pressure ranging from 1.5 to 2.5 bars with 80° or 110° nozzles. Pre-harvest applications should be made using high clearance tractors with narrow wheels and crop dividers, where spray boom can be raised to the height just above the top of the crop. For most applications 200-250 l/ha water volume should be used. Spray pressure (typically 1.5-2.5 bars) must be adjusted and related to tractor speed, water volume and nozzle type. However, specific low volume nozzles may be used with a reduced water volume ranging from 80-120 l/ha. When using low volume nozzles, spray pressure and tractor speed should be adjusted. A typical speed range would be 4-9 km/h.When applying pre-harvest to crops use a low speed to avoid excessive boom bounce. All spray equipment should be calibrated before use particularly if nozzles have been changed. Check at least one nozzle from each side of the boom. Before starting spray application be sure to check that:
- the boom is level
- the boom height is correct for the particular application
- all nozzles along the boom are aligned at the correct angle to forward direction of the tractor.

Rotary Atomisers
Select one of the following applicators; CDA Boom and CDA Lightweight Microdrop‚ Girojet, Dual-Option Sprayer‚ Hydraspin
Applications should be made using a water volume of 40 l/ha (20 l/ha for aquatic uses), at a speed of 4-9 km/h with a droplet diameter set at 200-300 mm, equivalent to the ‘Medium’ or ‘Coarse’. The spray equipment should be correctly calibrated according to the manufacturers instructions.

Directed application/Knapsack Knapsack
sprayers may be used in forestry, orchards, setaside land and land not intended to bear vegetation and pre-cultivation. Spray volumes normally range from 200-300 l/ha, but may be reduced to 100-150 l/ha if low volume nozzles have been fitted to swath. Spray quality should be ‘medium’ or ‘coarse’. Applying 4.0 l/ha with a spray volume of 200 l/ha gives a concentration of 2%. In a 10-litre knapsack sprayer, this requires 0.2 litres of ENVISION in 9.8 litres of water. A 10 litre sprayer will cover 500 sq. metres using a 1m wide swath and a 1m/sec walking speed.

Weedwiper Applicator (e.g. Weedwiper Mini)
Weedwiper Applicator may be used in Orchards, Non-Crop areas. Apply a solution of 0.8 part ENVISION with 2 parts water.

Non-selective applications/Mist Blower and Drift Applications
Overall Mistblower and ULVA applicators may only be used in forestry. When using ULVA the total spray volume should range from 10-20 l/ha and with a Mistblower between 90-175 l/ha. Use the correct ENVISION rate for control of the particular target weeds.

Filling spray tank
Half fill clean spray tank with clean water, add required quantity of product and mix well; add remaining water. DO NOT use mechanical agitators. Place the filling hose below water level to prevent excessive foaming and remove immediately after filling to prevent backsiphoning. When tankmixing with other products recommended on the label add the other product before adding ENVISION, then add the remaining water. Warning: DO NOT STORE, MIX OR APPLY FROM AN UNLINED OR GALVANISED STEEL TANK. DO NOT leave mixture in spray tanks over long periods and be sure that tanks are adequately ventilated.

Do NOT add wetting agents, oils or other pesticides unless recommended on this label

Sprayer maintenance
Be sure that all spraying equipment is functioning correctly and that equipment is maintained in accordance with manufacturers instructions.

Cleaning spray equipment
Always clean spray tanks and all parts of the equipment adequately after use, using the recommended detergents to be sure to avoid contamination with residues. Contamination with product residues could damage crops when the sprayer is next used for another pesticide.


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