Kentucky bluegrass (smooth meadow-grass, common meadow-grass)
Poa pratensis

Perennial grass, 20 - 80 cm (7.87 - 31.49 inch) tall.

Characteristic Features
Dense, creeping subterraneous rhizomes, panicle oblong or pyramid- shaped.

Young Plant
Quiet dense, erect, early tillering, youngest leaf folded (similiar to Poa trivialis).

Crooked ascendant, slender, wiry, tufted, curving upward.

Sheath slightly compressed, not sharply keeled, split with overlapping margins.
Leaf blade parallel sided, 2-4 mm (0.078 - 0.157 inch) wide, keeled, v-shaped.
Foliage deep green.
Ligule very short.
No auricle.