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An emulsiöable concentrate containing 85g/litre (8.22% w/w) dicamba, 65g/litre (6.29% w/w) triclopyr as acid and butoxy ethyl-ester and 200g/litre (19.34% w/w) 2,4-D as acid and ethyl-hexyl ester.

For the control of perennial Nettles and broad-leaved weeds in grassland.

Overall treatment Apply 3 litres of FARMCO NETTLES in 150-400 litres of water per hectare according to the weed spectrum.
Apply by tractor-mounted sprayer ensuring good coverage of all foliage. The higher recommended volumes of water should be used where Nettles and Thistles prevail and where weed populations are dense. Optimum results will be achieved by spraying at 4mph using jets which deliver approximately one litre per minute at 3 bars pressure. eg. Jets from: Spraying Systems 110/03 Lurmark 111/03 Hardi 4110/16
Where higher volumes are to be applied, it is recommended that the above jets are retained while the forward speed is reduced. The use of larger jets is likely to lead to loss of herbicide due to excessive ‘run-off’. When mixing, half fill the spray tank with clean water, add the recommended quantity of FARMCO NETTLES and complete filling.
Agitate during filling and topping up and continue agitation until spraying is completed.

Knapsack treatment using either:
1. Low volume 20ml of FARMCO NETTLES per litre of water sprayed should be applied to give a fine coverage of all foliage. or
2. Medium volume 10ml of FARMCO NETTLES per litre of water sprayed should be applied to the point of run-off.
Recommended jets for use with the knapsack sprayer include:

Jet manufacturer: *Low volume Medium volume (fine cover) (to point of run-off)
Spraying systems 110/02 110/03 or 110/04 Lurmark 110/02 110/03 or 110/04 Hardi 4110/14 4110/16 or 4110/20
*Efficient filtration of both herbicide and water into the knapsack sprayer through an 80 mesh filter is desirable when using low volume jets.

Cutting or Grazing after Spraying
Nettles and other weeds sprayed with FARMCO NETTLES may become increasingly palatable to stock, and may therefore be preferentially grazed. This could cause digestive upsets and grazing should be prevented until all top growth of the weed is dead (minimum 14 days after spraying).
Spraying with FARMCO NETTLES does not remove the poisonous properties of Ragwort or other poisonous weeds and therefore stock should be kept out of the field and hay or silage making delayed until all top growth of the weeds has disappeared Treated grassland should not be mown or cut for at least 7 days post-spraying. Where Clover is a valued constituent of the sward it is advisable to use FARMCO NETTLES only as a spot treatment, using a Knapsack sprayer.
Do not apply FARMCO NETTLES to grass to be taken for seed.
Do not sow grass, Clovers and root or leaf brassicas by direct drilling or minimal cultivations for at least 6 weeks post application.
Grassland should not be rolled or harrowed within 7 days before or after spraying.
Some suppression of weed grasses such as Yorkshire Fog may be observed.

Care of spraying machine
Do not leave the product in the machine overnight. Wash equipment thoroughly with water and a suitable detergent such as Teepol, paying particular attention to the inside of the top of the spray tank, which should be scrubbed immediately after use. Spray out, fill with clean water and leave overnight. Spray out again before storing or using for another product. Traces of the product can cause harm to susceptible crops sprayed later.

Protect from frost.

Avoid spray drift into greenhouses or onto other agricultural or horticultural crops, amenity plantings or gardens. In hot conditions vapour drift may occur making it particularly important to assess the risk to neighbouring vegetation.
Damage may result unless all recommendations are carefully followed.

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