Autumn Hawkbit

Leontodon autumnalis



10–40 cm (4–15 in.). Stem usually branched with many capitula, leafless, almost glabrous scape.


Single flower-like capitula 2.5–3 cm (1–1.2 in.) broad, surrounded by involucral bracts. Capitulum flowers yellow (outermost edge usually slightly reddish), tongue-like, tip 5-toothed. Stamens 5. Gynoecium composed of 2 fused carpels. Involucral bracts overlapping in 2–3 rows, hairy–glabrous. Capitula solitary terminating branches, pedicels thickening towards top. Flower with weak, pansy-like, slightly pungent fragrance.


Basal rosette, stalked, stalks winged. Blade lanceolate, glabrous, pinnate (occasionally large-toothed), lobes long, narrow.

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