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Product Name: Hygrass

Contents: Mecoprop-P and Dicamba (technical) as the potassium salt. (Formulation: Soluble Concentrate)

Use: For the suppression of Docks and Nettles and control of most other grassland weeds.

General Description: Hygrass will control the majority of perennial broad leaf weeds in grassland, but patches of well established stinging nettles and docks will require a second spray when any re- growth has sufficient leaves. Creeping Thistle, Dandelion, Sowthistle, horsetail, Soft Rush, Plantain, Daisy, and most annual weeds such as Chickweed and Mayweeds are well controlled. Speedwell, Ragworth and pineapple weeds are severely checked.

Rates of Application: The recommended rate of application of HYGRASS for the overall spraying of grassland is 5 litres per hectare (3.6 pints per acre) in a minimum of 200 litres water per hectare (20 gallons per acre). The preferable time for spraying is during May and June, ideally spray 3-4 weeks before cutting silage or hay. Animals should NOT be allowed to graze the grassland for at least 14 days after spraying. If poisonous weeds such as Ragwort are present do not allow livestock into the field until the plants are dead. If poisonous weeds are present, DO NOT cut sprayed fields for silage until they have disappeared

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