Dead Nettle

Lamium maculatum

Lamium is an excellent ground cover perennial for shady areas, grown largely for its spreading foliage and colorful flowers.

About This Plant

Lamium thrives in shade but will grow in sun when provided with moist soil conditions. It is hardy in zones 3 to 8. Different varieties offer a range of flower colors in white, purple and pink and silver- variegated leaves. All have a low-growing, creeping habit that make them widely adapted as ground cover or for mass plantings.

Special Features

Lamium maculatum 'White Nancy' has silvery leaves and dense clusters of white flowers.

Lamium maculatum 'Wootton Pink' bears pale pink flowers in late spring to early summer above striped variegated leaves.

Lamium maculatum 'Orchid Frost' has blue-green foliage and purple blooms April-June

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