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For use in combining peas, vining peas, and spring and winter field beans.

An emulsifiable concentrate containing 250 g/l pendimethalin and 16.7 g/l imazamox.
NIRVANA is a herbicide containing pendimethalin and imazamox, for the pre-emergence control of a range of broad-leaf weeds in winter and spring field beans, combining peas and vining peas.
Weeds: A
nnual mercury, Black-bindweed, Charlock, Common chickweed, Common field-speedwell, Common fumitory, Common orache, Common poppy, Fat-hen, Field pansy, Fool’s-parsley, Green field-speedwell, Grey field-speedwell, Henbit dead-nettle, Ivy-leaved speedwell, Knotgrass, Red dead-nettle, Redshank, Runch, Scarlet pimpernel, Scented mayweed, Shepherd’s-purse.
Rate: 4.5l/ha
Critical comments:
Maximum number of treatments:  one per crop. Latest time of application: Pre-emergence of the crop. Other specific restrictions: To avoid the build-up of resistance, do not apply this or any other product containing an ALS inhibitor herbicide with claims for control of grass-weeds more than once to any crop.
Residual control may be reduced where soil organic matter exceeds 6%, or on soils which are cloddy at application.
Soil types
NIRVANA may be applied on any mineral soil types.
Do not use on soils containing more than 10% organic matter.
Do not apply to soils which are waterlogged or prone to water logging.
Seedbed preparation
Seedbed must have a fine, firm tilth. Consolidate loose or cloddy seedbeds before use.
Weed control maybe reduced on cloddy seedbeds.
Do not soil incorporate NIRVANA.
Do not disturb the soil after NIRVANA has been applied.
Crop safety
Cloddy soils may cause the seed to be inadequately covered, which may lead to crop damage.
Some ‚cupping‘ of the leaves may occur following application but this is generally transient with crops recovering fully.
On stony or gravely soils, crop damage may occur, particularly if heavy rain follows treatment.
Seed must be drilled to a depth of at least 2.5 cm of settled soil.
Do not apply once the plumule is less than 13 mm from the soil surface.
Weather conditions
Residual control may be reduced under prolonged dry conditions.
Do not apply if heavy rain is forecast.
Spray drift
Extreme care should be taken to avoid damage by drift onto crop and non-crop plants outside the target area.
Sprayer cleaning
Concentrated NIRVANA may stain. Avoid spillage. Staining is minimised if skin/clothes are washed immediately. Wash out the sprayer thoroughly after the use of NIRVANA, using a proprietary spray tank cleaner ensuring no residues of the product remain.

This product contains imazamox which is an ALS inhibitor, also classified by the HRAC as ‘Group B’. Repeated use of herbicides with the same mode of action can increase the risk of strains of weeds developing resistance to these compounds, leading to poor control. In order to minimise the risk, a strategy for preventing and managing such resistance should be adopted.
Use products with different modes of action and from different chemical groups in sequence or tank-mix, in conjunction with effective cropping rotation and cultivation techniques. In all cases the recommended rate of use should be adhered to. Use only as part of a resistance management strategy that includes cultural methods of control and does not use ALS inhibitors as the sole chemical method of grass-weed control. Further guidance on weed resistance management is available from the Herbicide Resistance Action Committee (HRAC) and Weed Resistance Action Group (WRAG). Follow WRAG Guidelines.

Crop specific information
NIRVANA can be used on all varieties of winter and spring field beans, combining peas, and vining peas.
Time of application
Apply NIRVANA as soon as possible after sowing and before weed emergence. Do not apply once the plumule is less than 13 mm from the soil surface.
Avoid overlapping spray swaths.
Rate of application
Apply 4.5 litres NIRVANA in 200 – 300 litres of water per hectare.

Following crops
Winter wheat and winter barley may be drilled as the following crop after application of NIRVANA, provided a minimum interval of 3 months is observed between application and drilling. The land should at least be cultivated by a non-inversion method (discing) before drilling takes place.
Winter oilseed rape and other brassica crops should not be drilled as the following crop.
A minimum interval of 12 months should elapse between application and sowing Red Beet, Sugar Beet and Spinach.

Mixing and Spraying
Fill the tank half full with water and start the agitation. To ensure thorough mixing of the product, invert the container several times before opening. Add the required quantity of NIRVANA to the spray tank while re-circulating. Fill up the tank with water and continue agitation until spraying is completed.
On emptying the container, rinse container thoroughly by using an integrated pressure rinsing device or manually rinsing three times. Add washings to sprayer at time of filling and dispose of container safely.
Wash out the sprayer thoroughly after the use of NIRVANA, using a proprietary spray tank cleaner ensuring no residues of the product remain.
Registered for culturesRate
Peas4.5 l
Beans4.5 l