Pyramin DF

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A water dispersible granule containing 65% w/w chloridazon.


A herbicide for the control of annual weeds in sugar beet, fodder beet, red beet and mangels.


A maximum total dose of 2.6 kg chloridazon/hectare may only be applied every third year in the same field.
For optimum results the soil must be sufficiently moist at the time of application for the product to form an active herbicidal layer in the soil.
Adequate weed control depends upon sufficient rain falling before emergence to at least maintain this level of moisture.
Pyramin DF is suitable for use on all soil textural classes except ‘coarse sand’, ‘sand’ and ‘fine sand’ as defined in the Soil Texture (85) System and also excepting soils of high organic content, fen peat and moss soils. The soil type should be accurately diagnosed since the recommended rates of use of Pyramin DF applied pre-drilling and pre-emergence are dependent on soil type.
Heavy rain falling shortly after spraying may check the growth of the crop particularly when water has stood in surface depressions.
Under conditions of low pH, a reduction in herbicidal effectiveness may be noticed.
Wash equipment thoroughly with water and detergent, paying particular attention to the inside of the top of the spray tank which should be scrubbed immediately after use. Spray out, fill with clean water and leave overnight. Spray out again before storing or using for another product. Traces of the product could cause harm to susceptible crops sprayed later.
Avoid spray drift on to neighbouring crops, particularly lettuce.
Weed Control
For optimum results the soil must be sufficiently moist at the time of application for the product to form an active herbicidal layer in the soil.
Crops and Application
Pyramin DF may be applied pre-drilling and or pre-emergence to sugar beet, fodder beet and mangels.
Following crops
The effects of Pyramin DF persist in the soil for several weeks. Fields which have been sprayed but where the crop has failed may be re-drilled with sugar beet, fodder beet, mangels or maize after cultivation. They should not be re-drilled with any other crops.
Any spring sown crop may follow sugar beet, fodder beet or mangels harvested in the usual way. Winter cereals may be sown in the autumn after ploughing.
Mixing and Spraying
Calibration of Spraying Machinery
The spraying equipment should be clean and free from traces of other chemicals.
Ensure the correct nozzles are fitted:
(a) For the correct water volume for overall sprayers.
(b) For the correct drilling speed for band sprayers.
Check the delivery from each nozzle for uniformity and replace worn tips to ensure uniform output.
Calibrate the sprayer and use it according to the manufacturer‘s instructions.
Cross check the band sprayer calibration in the field as follows:
(a) Select a nozzle on the sprayer giving the nearest output to the average and with the drill in operation collect the spray from this nozzle for a distance of 60 metres.
This should be exactly 225 ml. As the spray is collected over a given distance, the quantity will be the same irrespective of the make of nozzles used and this is a volume rate of 240 litres per sprayed hectare on a 180 mm band.
Repeat as necessary, adjusting the tractor speed until this output is achieved over this distance.
(c) Make sure that the observations are made when the band sprayer is working smoothly and not immediately on starting.
(d) The final setting of the width of the spray band to 180 mm must be made in the field when the drill is in operation and not on a hard surface or headland. It is essential that the band width is exactly 180 mm, otherwise the rate of application will be incorrect. A narrower band may cause crop damage and a wider band will result in poorer weed control. The setting should be checked in each field treated and also at the beginning of each day‘s work because of the possible effect of weather on soil conditions.
Three quarters fill the spray tank with clean water and start the agitation. Remove the top filter.
SLOWLY pour in the required amount of Pyramin DF. Do not empty the contents into the tank as one large mass. Add the remainder of the water, replace the filter and continue agitation until spraying is completed.
Spray Quality
Apply as a MEDIUM spray, as defined by BCPC, for pre-drilling or pre-emergence treatments.
Registered for cultures
Sugar beets
Red beet