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A suspension concentrate formulation containing 300g Flumioxazin per litre. For the control of annual grass weeds and broadleaved weeds in winter wheat.

This information is approved as part of the product label. Read all instructions carefully in order to obtain safe and effective use of this product. 

SUMIMAX is a protoporphyrin oxidase (FPO) inhibitor herbicide with contact activity. This contact activity is long lasting during the autumn period in moist soil, giving persistent control of a range of annual grasses and broad leaved weeds in winter wheat. SUMIMAX is active on germinating seedlings, inhibiting chlorophyll synthesis, leading to weed death and reducing crop competition. SUMIMAX remains in the surface layer of the soil and does not migrate to lower layers. Activity is reliant on weeds germinating in moist soil and coming into sufficient contact with the herbicide.

Weeds: Black grass, Annual meadow grass, Loose silky bent, Chickweed, Cleavers, Common field speedwell, Dove's foot Cranesbill, Ivy leaved speedwell, Red deadnettle, Mayweed, Shepherds purse, Field pansy, Volunteer iolseed rape.
Rate: 100ml/ha
Critical comments: max.number treatment per crop -1. Latest time of pplication: before GS15.

Restrictions and Warnings
DO NOT mix any adjuvants with SUMIMAX.
Do not apply SUMIMAX to crops with lush or soft growth.
Only apply SUMIMAX to crops which have been sufficiently hardened by cool weather. Application to crops with soft growth will result in transient bleaching of leaves.
Do not apply SUMIMAX to waterlogged soils.
Do not apply SUMIMAX to soils of more than 10% organic matter as weed control may be reduced. Crops should be drilled to 25mm and well covered by soil.
Do not treat broadcast crops until they are past the 3 leaf stage.
Do not spray crops which are under stress of any kind, such as a nutritional deficiency, pest or disease attack, or waterlogging. Seedbeds should be moist, firm, fine and free of clods.
Do not roll or harrow crops 2 weeks before treatment, or at any time after treatment.
Do not disturb the soil after application. Only apply any tank mixes with SUMIMAX in strict accordance with the restrictions on this label, as well as any restrictions which might apply on the label of the tank mix partner. Extreme care should be taken to avoid damage by drift onto plants outside the target area.
Do not apply SUMIMAX to undersown crops. Do not apply SUMIMAX during periods of prolonged frosty weather
Light discolouration of leaf margins can occur after treatment, but there is no influence on crop yield.

Strains of some annual grasses (e.g ck-grass, wild-oats, and Ian rye-grass) have developed resistance to herbicides which may lead to poor control. A strategy for preventing and managing such resistance should be adopted. Guidelines have been produced by the Weed Resistan lion Group and 6opies are available from the HGCA, CPA, your distributor, crop adviser or product manufacturer. Key aspects of the SUMIMAX resistance management strategy are:
Always follow WRAG guidelines for preventing and managing herbicide resistant grass-weeds.
Do not use SUMIMAX or any other protoporphyrinogen PPO inhibitor as the sole means of grass weed control in successive crops.
Use grass-weed herbicides with different modes of action hroughout the cropping rotation.
To reduce the risk of dew g resistance, applicationsore made to ng, actively growing weeds.
Use tank/ product mixe equences of herbicides with different modes ction that are active against black grass. ual crops or successive crops and as part of an rated weed control programme.
Monitor weed control effectiveness and investigate any odd patches of poor grass weed control. If unexplained, contact your agronomist who may consider a rest ce test appropriate.
Use crop rotation and other cultural c s prevent manage herbicide resistant grass weeds. Only apply SUMIMAX once per crop.

Recommended crops: SUMIMAX can be used on all varieties of winter wheat

Soil Types: SUMIMAX can be used on all mineral soils up to 10% organic matter.

Timing: SUMIMAX can be applied from crop pre-emergence to before GS 15, providing crops are sufficiently hardened. Best results will be obtained from using SUMIMAX post-emergence of the crop, applied to moist soil when weeds are germinating up to the 1st true leaf stage of the weed.

Rate of use: Apply SUMIMAX at 100m1 per hectare in 200 litres water per hectare as a fine or medium quality spray. 

Maximum number of applications per crop: One per crop in any one growing season

Tank mixes: Only use tank mixes if the crop is sufficiently harde cool weather. Do not tank mix any adjuvants.

Following crops: Any crop can be sovetollowing a normal harvest after use of SUMIMAX. In the event of a crop failure, soil treateTwith SUMIMAX c e redrilled with spring cereals, spring oilseed rape, sugar beet, maize or potatoes after ploughing.

Mixing and spraying: Start filling the sprayer tan 5 start agitation. Add sufficient SUMIMAX for the are to be treate hen the tank is at least one quarter full. Complete the filling process with . Ensure the product is mixed and fully dispersed before starting spraying.
Do not overlap spray swaths.

Sequences: SUMIMAX can be followed by any relevant herbicide, including sulfonylurea products. Do not follow an application of SUMIMAX with another product for at least 14 days.

Sprayer Cleaning: To avoid damage to crops other than cereals, immediately after spraying SUMIMAX thoroughly clean all spray equipment, including inside and outside of lid. Rinse the inside of the sprayer and accessory equipment with a volume of water equivalent to at least 10% of the sprayer capacity. Dispose of rinsing water.
Half fill tank with water. Add a tank cleaning agent with a pH greater than 11, such as All Clear Extrarit and circulate. Flush booms, pumps and filters. Completely empty the tank. Separately clean the nozzles and other accessories. Repeat the rinse, flush and drain.

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