Loose silky-bent

Apera spica-venti

A. spica-venti is an annual panicle grass, strongly tillering and often clustered growing. It occurs as an overwintering grass weed in Europe.

Characteristic Features
The long-awned spikelets and ligules finely incised with regularity of depth are characteritic for loose silky-bent.

Young Plant
In the youth stage it is an erect grass with either solitary or multiple stems, the youngest leaf is rolled.

Stems are green or purple, smooth and erect, reaching up to 100 - 125 cm (39.37 - 47.24 inch).

The leaf blade is hairless, rough and narrow pointed. The ligule is 3 to 10 mm (0.12 - 0.39 inch) long, rounded and ragged without auricles. The leaf sheat is smooth, but rough near the apex.

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