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A suspension concentrate containing 440 g/litre lenacil for the control of weeds in beet.

‘Venzar Flowable’ is a residual herbicide with some contact activity for post‐emergence use on sugar beet, fodder beet, red beet and mangels. Best control is achieved when used in a low volume overall spray programme with other approved herbicides. Weed control may be reduced when soil conditions are very dry.

When herbicides with the same mode of action are used repeatedly over several years in the same field, selection of resistant biotypes can take place.  These can propagate and may become dominating.  A weed species is considered resistant to a herbicide if it survives a correctly applied treatment at the recommended dose.  Development of resistance with a weed species can be avoided or delayed by alternating (or tank mixing) with suitable products having a different mode of action.

‘Venzar Flowable’ can be used on all varieties of sugar beet and fodder beet at the growth stages given below.

Application should be made when the crop has reached the cotyledon stage. Subsequent applications should be applied as new flushes of weeds emerge. Avoid high light intensity (full sunlight) and high temperatures (above 21°C) on the day of spraying.  Avoid periods of substantial day to night temperature changes or when frost is expected.  

Before using ‘Venzar Flowable’, spraying equipment must be clean and free from contamination with other pesticides. ‘Venzar Flowable’ should be applied overall in 80‐150 l/ha of water, using suitable equipment to give a FINE quality spray. Good, even coverage of the weeds is essential for best results. Care should be taken not to overlap spray swaths.

‘Venzar Flowable’ should be applied at 0.4 l/ha in tankmix with a suitable herbicide partner (see Weed Susceptibility Table). A maximum total dose of 1 l/ha may be applied to a crop.

‘Venzar Flowable’ can be used on all soil types except sands, stony or gravelly soils and on soils with more than 10% organic matter. Weed control may be reduced when soil conditions are very dry.

‘Venzar Flowable’ mixes easily with water, but the following mixing procedure should be followed: Quarter fill the spray tank with water, start the agitation and add the required quantity of ‘Venzar Flowable’. Continue agitation while topping up the tank and while spraying.  Do not leave the sprayer standing without agitation with chemical in it. Follow the manufacturer’s recommendations for mixing with phenmedipham based products.


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