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Avocado leafroller
Homona spargotis

Homona spargotis, the avocado leafroller, is a moth of the family Tortricidae. It is found in the Australasia ecozone. 

The wingspan is ca. 3 cm for males and 2 cm for females.

The larvae feed on avocado, CoffeaCamellia sinensis, custard-apple andbilimbi. The species is considered a pest.

The adult moths of this species are a patchy brown. The males have a wingspan of about 2 cms. The females have a wingspan of about 3 cms. The moths have a curious resting posture, with the hindwings protruding from under the forewings, and the protruded parts folded over.

The eggs are yellow and flattened. They are laid on the upper surface of a foodplant leaf in overlapping masses of several hundred.