Raspberry beetle
Byturus tomentosus
The grubs of raspberry beetle damage the fruits of raspberry, blackberry and other cane fruits and is the most serious pest of these plants.
Quick facts
Common name Raspberry beetle
Scientific name Byturus tomentosus
Plants affected Raspberry, blackberry, tayberry, loganberry 
Main symptoms  Fruits have dried up patches; may contain beetle grubs 
Most active June to August.
What is raspberry beetle?
Raspberry beetle causes damage in its grub stage, which feeds at the stalk end of the fruits. It is mainly a problem on summer-fruiting raspberries. Early fruits on autumn raspberries may be damaged, but those ripening after late August are less likely to be affected.
Damaged ripe berries have greyish-brown dried up patches  at the stalk end
  • A brownish-white grub, up to 8mm (about1/4in)  long, may be found inside the fruits