Apollo 50SCRegistered until: June 30, 2023
ADAMA - Insecticide

An acaricide for the control of red spider mite in apples and pears.

A suspension concentrate formulation containing 500 g/l (42% w/w) clofentezine.

APOLLO® 50SC is a selective and very active acaricide which kills both the eggs and early motile stages of the red spider mite (Panonychus ulmi). It is of minimal hazard to predatory mites (e.g. Typhlodromus pyri), bees and predatory insects when used as directed.

Avoid drift to areas outside those being sprayed, having due regard to the prevailing weather conditions and spray quality being used.
Due to the colour of APOLLO 50SC and the method of orchard spraying, we recommend that suitable protective clothing is worn when applying the product.


APOLLO 50SC contains clofentezine, a Group 10A (IRAC) specific acaricide that works as a mite growth inhibitor. Repeated use of insecticides with the same mode of action can increase the risk of strains of pests developing resistance to these compounds, leading to poor control. In order to minimise the risk, a strategy for preventing and managing such resistance should be adopted. Growers are advised to alternate the use of APOLLO 50SC with other acaricides with a different mode of action. Use the recommended rate of APOLLO 50SC and the correct application timing for red spider mite species present in the orchard.


APOLLO 50SC is a very active acaricide which kills eggs and early motile stages of the red spider mite (Panonychus ulmi). APOLLO 50SC will also provide some control of apple rust mite (Aculus schlechtendali) when applied between bud burst and green cluster.

APOLLO 50SC is recommended for use on apples and pears. All varieties may be treated.


Apply just before or on commencement of winter egg hatch.
Apples and pears – usually between bud burst and pink bud.
APOLLO 50SC is effective over a long period, but if mite populations build up late in the season an approved curative acaricide should be applied.
Do not apply during flowering as crop safety has not been established.

Latest time of application

Apples and pears 35 days before harvest.

Maximum number of treatments
Do not apply more than once per annum.

APOLLO 50SC should be applied in a minimum of 800 and up to maximum of 1000 litres water per hectare. For effective control total tree cover is essential. When spraying large trees the higher volumes are preferred.

Any type of spray equipment that ensures thorough and even coverage may be used to apply APOLLO 50SC.
Shake well before use.
1. Check that the sprayer has been washed out to remove all traces of the previous chemical.
2. Ensure that the sprayer has been carefully calibrated.
3. Half-fill the sprayer tank or container with clean water and start agitating or stirring. Add the required
quantity of APOLLO 50SC and complete filling to the final volume.
4. Spray immediately after mixing and maintain agitation until the tank is empty.
5. Wash out the sprayer thoroughly after use.

CropsBBCHRegistred normPreharvest Interval
Apple trees0 - 00.4 - 0.435
Pears0 - 00.4 - 0.435