Sugarcane orange rust

Puccinia kuehnii

The uredinia are amphigenous, sometimes only hypophyllous, usually orange to yellowish-brown but sometimes cinnamon-brown when older, linear, up to 1.5 mm long. Paraphyses are usually inconspicuous and peripheral, cylindrical to capitate, up to 45 µm long, thin-walled (1-2 µm) and hyaline to pale brown. Urediniospores are mostly obovoid or pyriform, sometimes ellipsoidal, very variable in size, 25-57 x 17-34 µm, with walls golden to orange or cinnamon-brown, 1-2 µm thick laterally, but usually with a pronounced apical thickening to 5 µm or more, and with four or five equatorial germ pores. The spores are moderately echinulate, the spines being 3-4 µm apart, not clustered at the pore caps and not regularly placed.

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