Common brown leafhopper

Orosius argentatus

Colour - Usually brown
Body - Up to 4mm. Oval shaped.
Wings - 2 Pairs, both used in flight. Held in a tent like position when at rest. Coupled. Adults can fly. Wing-span 4mm
Mouthparts - Stylet. Sucking. Near rear of head.
Antennae - 3-10 segments.
Eyes - 2 Compound and 2 simple.
Legs - Adapted for jumping. Feet (Tarsi) have 4 segments.
Head - Broad. Wedge shaped
Thorax - 3 segments.
Abdomen - Eight pairs of spiracles on underside.
Egg - ovoid.
Habits - Can't fly when cold. Suck sap from plants. Jump or hop when disturbed and move to the far side of branches or leaves. Often gregarious or in colonies.


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