Pecan weewil

Curculio caryae

Adult pecan weevils are about 3/8 inch in length and brownish to gray in color. The adult has a prominent snout which will equal or exceed the length of
the body on females. The most commonly encountered stage of the pecan weevil is the grub or larval stage found in the nuts during the harvest season. The larvae are creamy white with reddish heads and are about 3/5 inch in length.
Damage: The  pecan  weevil  causes  two  types  of  direct  damage  to  pecans. Prior to shell hardening, feeding punctures by adults cause immature pecans to fall from the trees.   The second type of damage occurs later in the season. After the shell hardens and the kernel begins to form, females lay eggs in the pecan. The grubs that hatch from these eggs destroy the kernel by their feeding. This damage shows up at harvest either as wormy pecans or hollowed out nuts with larval emergence holes present.

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