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DIRECTIONS FOR USE It is a violation of Federal law to use this product in a manner inconsistent with its labeling. Do not apply this product in a way that will contact workers or other people, either directly or through drift. Only handlers wearing PPE may be in the treatment area during application. For any requirements specific to your State or Tribe consult the agency responsible for pesticide regulation. This pesticide is toxic to vascular plants and should be used strictly in accordance with the drift and run-off precautions on this label to minimize off-site exposures. All applicable directions, restrictions, precautions and Limitation of Warranty and Liability are to be followed. This labeling must be in the user’s possession during application.

APPLICATION INSTRUCTIONS Apply AcifinTM 2L at the following rates, unless directions differ in the Crop-Specific Information section (below). Apply this product as a broadcast application or an aerial banding application to weeds that are actively growing at the growth stages and rates specified in Table 1 below (rice and strawberries) and in the Crop-Specific Information section (peanuts and soybeans). For best results and the most effective control, apply AcifinTM 2L during early postemergence, when weeds are small. Early postemergence treatment allows application at the lower use rate (dependent on species of weeds present). Early application to weeds also facilitates thorough spray coverage. If application of this product is delayed, weed species may exceed the growth stage specified in this label which will hinder adequate control.

Irrigated Areas
Irrigation prior to treatment may be necessary in order to ensure weeds are actively growing. Treatment of weed species under drought conditions may lead to inadequate control.

Spray Coverage
For effective control, target weeds must be covered thoroughly with this product. Applicators must use a sufficient spray volume to ensure proper coverage, bearing in mind that leaf canopies that are dense may shelter smaller weeds, preventing sufficient spray coverage.

Do not cultivate treated areas within 5 days prior to treatment with AcifinTM 2L, or 7 days following treatment.

Aerial Application
When treating with AcifinTM 2L as an aerial application, use 10 gallons per acre of water, minimum. Where sufficient coverage can be achieved, a volume of 5 gallons per acre of water (minimum) has been effective.

Application Equipment
Apply Acifin 2L at a spray pressure of up to 40 psi using diaphragm-type nozzles that create fan spray or cone patterns.
IMPORTANT: For best coverage and in order to avoid drift, refer to the Spray Drift Management section below.

Ground (Banding) Applications
For band applications, also refer to the Ground Application Equipment and Methods of Application (Broadcast) instructions below. Applicators using row banding equipment must ensure the most thorough coverage of target weeds in the row. It is not recommended that a single nozzle be used for application over the row. For thorough coverage, direct two nozzles from either side of the crop row toward the weeds located in the center rows. Apply this product with a band width of 15 inches and with 15 gallons of water per acre (minimum) on the band. Application with a single nozzle over the row is not recommended. Ground Application Equipment and Methods of Application (Broadcast)

Application Equipment
Apply AcifinTM 2L with hollow cone nozzles spaced a maximum of 20 inches apart or use a standard high-pressure pesticide flat fan. Inconsistent coverage may cause variable weed control, therefore do not make applications with whirl chamber, flood or controlled droplet applicator (CDA) nozzles. Do not make applications with wiper applicators or recirculating sprayers (i.e. selective application equipment).

Water Volume
For best results, apply AcifinTM 2L in 10-20 gallons per broadcast acre of spray solution. If weed foliage or crop foliage is dense, increase water volume up to 50 gallons. When treating strawberries with this product, use 20-40 gallons per broadcast acre of spray solution.
Spray Pressure Apply AcifinTM 2L using spray equipment at a minimum of 40 psi. IMPORTANT: spray pressure is measured at the boom, not in the line or at the pump. For best results, use a minimum spray pressure of 60 psi when weed/crop foliage is dense or where there is a low volume of water (i.e., 10 gallons per acre).

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