Green foxtail

Setaria viridis

Mature spikelets fall entire, leaf sheath and leaf blade virtually glabrous, green at the youth stage, during maturation red.

Young Plant: Youngest leaf is rolled. Leaves about 20 cm (2 - 40 cm) (0.78 - 15.74 inch) long by 10 mm (4 - 25 mm) (0.147 - 0.98 inch). Leaf-blade surface scaberulous; glabrous.

Stems: More-or-less erect, thin and hairless up to 70 cm, rarely 100 cm (27.55 inch, rarely 39.37 inch) high.

Leaves wide, flat, acuminate, light green, sometimes reddish-purple, drooping, distinctly but finely veined with prominent mid-vein below (keeled), mid-vein white or light green, scabrous above, usually glabrous below. Ligule a fringe of hairs up to 2 mm (0.078 inch) long, fused at the base. No auricles. Sheaths slightly compressed, sometimes purplish at the base, the margins noticeably ciliate.

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