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Authority 4 F Herbicide Is a liquId flowable fonnu/ation, to be mixed with watel'" and sprayed for selective preemergence -and preplant incorporated weed control in soybeans. When applied according to the instructions on this label, it will control listed broadleaf weeds, grasses and sedges. The mode of action of Authority 4 F involves uptake by weed roots and shoots. Preemergence and preplant incorporated applications of Authority 4 F require rainfall or irrigation to activate the herbicide. The amount of rainfall or irrigation required for activation following application depends on existing so moisture, organic matter content and soil texture. It adequate moisture (X- to 1-) is not received within 7 to 10 days after the Authority 4 F treatment, a shallow cultivation may be needed to obtain desired weed control. When sufficient moisture is received after dry conditions Authority 4 F will provide control of susceptible germinating weeds. ' This label contains specific use directions for two distinct geographical use areas for Authority 4 F. The Northern Ares and the Southern Area which are shown on the map on page 3 under APPLICATION INFORMATION.This label also contains general use information which is applicable to all Authority 4 F use geography.
Authority 4 F is compatible with most herbicides 'registered for use insoybeans for preemergence and preplant incorporated applications. Refer to the SPECIFIC USE DIRECTIONS under the Northern Area or the Southern Ares as it pertains to your particular situation. Observe all instructions, crop restrictions, mixing directions, appOcatlon precautions, replanting directions, rotational crop guidelines and other labellnfonnatlon of each product when tank mixing with Authority 4 F.