Barnyard grass

Echinochloa crus galli

Annual, tufted grass with fibrous, rather shallow roots.

There is much introgression between Echinochloa species.

Plant branching from the base, rather tall, 80 -150 cm (31.49 - 59.05 inch), first leaves are dull or grayish green, with the stem purplish tinged, the youngest leaf is rolled.

Stems: Stout, erect to decumbent.

Leaves: Leaf blades are glabrous, hairless, elongate, 5-20 mm (0.19 - 0.78 inch) wide, 8-60 cm (3.15 - 23.62 inch) long, with a white midrib.
Ligule is absent.
No auricles.
Youngest leaf is rolled.

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