Basagran 5L

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For postemergence use in alfalfa grown for seed production, beans, clover grown for seed, corn, nonbearing foods crops, peanut, peas, peppermint, rice, sorghum, soybean, and spearmint

Product Information
Basagran 5L herbicide is intended for selective postemergence control of certain broadleaf weeds and sedges in alfalfa grown for seed, beans, clover grown for
seed, corn, nonbearing foods crops, peanut, peas, peppermint, rice, sorghum, soybean, and spearmint. Basagran 5L does not control grasses.

Mode of Action
Basagran 5L is a benzothiadiazinone herbicide and a photosynthesis PS II inhibitor belonging to the herbicide mode-of-action Group 6 (WSSA)/Group C3 (HRAC).
Basagran 5L is effective mainly through contact action; therefore, weeds must be thoroughly covered with spray.

Crop Tolerance
All labeled crops are tolerant to Basagran 5L. Leaf speckling or bronzing may occur, but plants generally outgrow this condition within 10 days. New growth is normal and crop vigor is not reduced.

Application Instructions
Apply Basagran 5L postemergence to small, actively growing weeds early in the season for the most effective control as broadcast, band, or spot spray applications. Delaying application permits weeds to exceed the specified maximum size and will prevent adequate control. Apply the specified rates of Basagran 5L to actively growing weeds before they reach the maximum sizes listed in Table 1, Table 3, and Table 4. When applying Basagran 5L sequentially, wait a minimum
of 5 days before re-treating. Rainfast period - Rainfall or overhead irrigation within 4 hours after application may reduce the effectiveness of Basagran 5L.

In irrigated areas, it may be necessary to irrigate before treatment to ensure active weed growth because weeds growing under drought conditions usually are not satisfactorily controlled.

Spray Coverage
Thorough spray coverage is required for optimum control of emerged weeds. Dense leaf canopies shelter smaller weeds and can prevent adequate spray coverage. Early season application to small weeds makes thorough spray coverage easier to obtain.

DO NOT cultivate within 5 days before applying or within 7 days after applying Basagran 5L. Timely cultivation after 7 days may help provide season-long weed control.

Application Methods and Equipment
Avoiding spray drift at the application site is the responsibility of the applicator. The spray system and weather-related factors determine the potential for spray drift. The applicator is responsible for considering these factors when making application decisions to avoid spray drift onto nontarget areas.

Aerial Application
Use a minimum spray volume of 5 gallons of water per acre. To obtain uniform coverage and to reduce the potential of spray drift to nontarget areas from aerial application, the following measures must be followed:
• Boom Length - The distance of the outermost nozzles on the boom must not exceed 3/4 the length of the fixed wingspan or 90% of rotor-blade diameter.
• Nozzle Type - Use low-drift straight stream nozzles (D-8 or larger).
• Nozzle Orientation - Nozzles must always point backward parallel with the airstream and never be pointed downward more than 45 degrees.
• Application Height - Without compromising aircraft safety, apply at a height of 10 feet or less above the crop canopy or tallest plants.
• DO NOT apply when wind speed is greater than 10 miles per hour, or during periods of temperature inversions or stable atmospheric conditions.
• DO NOT apply Basagran 5L by air if sensitive crop species (such as cotton, sugar beet, sunflower, or okra) are within 200 feet downwind.

Ground Application
Use a minimum spray volume of 10 gallons of water per acre to ensure adequate spray coverage. Use higher spray volume (up to 20 gallons of water per acre) to improve spray coverage when crop and weed foliage is dense. Apply using spray nozzles that deliver medium-to-coarse spray droplets as defined by ASABE standard S-572.1 and as shown in the nozzle manufacturer’s spray catalogs. DO NOT use flood, whirl chamber, or controlled droplet applicator (CDA) nozzles or selective application equipment such as recirculating sprayers or wiper applicators. DO NOT use brass nozzles because of the corrosive effects of nitrogen additives.

Cleaning Spray Equipment
Clean application equipment thoroughly by using a strong detergent or commercial sprayer cleaner according to the manufacturer’s directions, followed by triple rinsing the equipment before and after applying Basagran 5L.

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