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For control of listed sucking and chewing insects infesting cucurbit vegetables, fruiting vegetables, grape, head and stem Brassica, leafy vegetables, and potato

Application Information
Failure to follow directions and precautions on this label may result in crop injury, poor insect control, and/or illegal residues.
Certador insecticide (henceforth referred to as Certador) is a selective insecticide which should have minimal impact on beneficial arthropods and its use is compatible with integrated pest management (IPM) programs. However, Certador is toxic to bees exposed to direct treatment or to residue on blooming crops and weeds. Certador is taken up into foliage after application. Thorough spray coverage is essential for optimal performance. Apply Certador in sufficient water to ensure good coverage. Certador insecticide may aid in the suppression of some pests. Suppression can mean either inconsistent control (good to poor), or consistent control at a level below that generally considered acceptable for commercial control.
If the maximum season limit of Certador as stated in Table 1. Restrictions and Limitations Overview and Table 2. Crop-specific Application Instructions has
been applied and pest populations require additional treatments, use another registered pesticide that is not in the neonicotinoid class or nitroguanidine subclass of chemistry.

Resistance Management Recommendations
Certador contains a Group 4A insecticide. Insect biotypes with acquired resistance to Group 4A insecticide may eventually dominate the insect population if Group 4A insecticides are used repeatedly in the same field or in successive years as the primary method of control for targeted species. This may result in partial or total loss of control of those species by Certador or other Group 4A insecticides.
To delay insecticide resistance, consider:
• NOT using a foliar application of dinotefuran or any insecticide in the neonicotinoid class following an in-furrow or soil application of Certador.
• To optimize resistance management practices, no more than 3 applications of Certador per growing season are allowed.
• Avoiding the consecutive use of Certador or other Group 4A insecticides that have a similar target site of action, on the same insect species.
• Using tank-mixtures or premixes with insecticides from a different target site of action Group as long as the involved products are all registered for the same use and have different sites of action.
• Basing insecticide use on a comprehensive IPM program.
• Monitoring treated insect populations for loss of field efficacy.
• Consult your local extension specialist, crop advisor and/or BASF representative for additional IPM Strategies established for your area.

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