Stink Bug


Typical of other stink bugs, the BMSB has a shield-shaped body and emits a pungent odor when disturbed. With a mottled brown, 12 to 17 mm long (approximately 1/2 inch) body, it has characteristic alternating dark and light bands across the last two antennal segments that appear as a single white band in both nymphs and adults. This is the most distinguishing characteristic in the field, although it can easily be confused with other hemipterans, including native brown stink bugs from the genera AcrosternumBrochymenEuschistus and Parabrochymena (Eger personal communication, Hobeke and Carter 2003).

Example species that could be confused with the brown marmorated stink bug include Brochymenaspp.; the brown stink bug, Euschitus servus; the green stink bug, Acrosternum hilare; leaf-footed bugs; boxelder bugs; Euthyrhynchus floridanus; and other similar hemipterans.

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