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MANA 31304 is a selective herbicide for preemergence control or suppression of susceptible broadleaf weeds and certain annual grass weeds and sedges in soybeans. MANA 31304 also offers control of certain emerged broadleaf weeds when applied as part of a burndown treatment. MANA 31304 has two modes of action and rapidly inhibits the growth of susceptible weed species.
Preemergence applications of MANA 31304 require rainfall or irrigation to activate the herbicide. The amount of rainfall or irrigation required for activation following application depends on existing soil moisture, organic matter content and soil texture. MANA 31304 must be activated by 1/2 to 1 inch of rainfall or irrigation water or erratic weed control will result. If adequate moisture (1/2" to 1") is not received within 7 to 10 days after the MANA 31304 treatment, a shallow cultivation may be needed to aid in activation to obtain desired weed control. When sufficient moisture is received after dry conditions, MANA 31304 will provide control of susceptible germinating weeds. Activity on established weeds is dependent on the weed species and the depth of the root system in the soil. Soil applications of MANA 31304 must be made before the crop emerges. Following application, susceptible weed species may germinate and emerge. Seedling weeds will then either turn brown or die shortly after being exposed to light, or will cease growing, turn yellow and then turn brown from the growing point out. Susceptible species usually do not grow past the cotyledon stage before they die from either mode of action.

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