Dyvel WG

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A broadleaf herbicide for use in wheat (spring, winter, durum) and fallow areas

Product Information
Dyvel WG herbicide is a water-dispersible granule formulation intended for control and suppression of many broadleaf weeds in wheat and between crops (postharvest and fallow). See Table 1 for specific weeds controlled or suppressed.
Rainfast period - Rainfall or irrigation occurring within 4 hours after postemergence application may reduce the effectiveness of Dyvel WG. Stress - DO NOT apply to crops under stress because of Jack of moisture, hail damage, flooding, herbicide injury, mechanical injury, insects, or widely fluctuating temperatures or injury may result.

Application Instructions
Dyvel WG can be applied to actively growing weeds as aerial, broadcast, or spot spray applications using water or sprayable fertilizer as a carrier.

Application Rates
Application rates are 4.2 ozs/A for fallow application and 2.1 to 4.2 ozs/A for wheat postemergence application. Refer to the Crop-specific Information section for cropspecific application timing and other details.

Application Methods and Equipment
Dyvel WG may be applied by air or ground. Thorough spray coverage is important for broadleaf weed control and can be improved with proper adjuvant, nozzle and spray volume selection. Use and configure application equipment to provide an adequate spray volume, an accurate and uniform distribution of spray droplets over the treated area, and to avoid, spray drift to nontarget areas. Adjust equipment to maintain continuous agitation during spraying with good mechanical or bypass agitation. Avoid overlaps that will increase rates above the maximum use rates specified in this label.
To avoid uneven spray coverage, DO NOT apply Dyvel WG during periods of gusty wind or when wind is in excess of 15 mph.
DO NOT cultivate within 7 days after applying Dyvel WG. 

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