Centaurea cyanus

Annual in summer crops, hibernating to biennial in winter crops, 20-70 cm (7.87 - 27.55 inch) tall.

Young plant with rosettes, shiny blue flowers.

Cotyledons: Dense, vigorous, broad-oval to oval, narrowing to the base.

Stems: Up to 1 m (39.37 inch) tall, tomentose to arachnoid pubescent, herbaceous, loosely wooly-hairy when young but losing this as they mature.

Leaves: Leaves narrow, often linear, mostly entire, or the lower ones sometimes shallowly toothed or lobed, up to 13 cm (5.12 inch) long and 1 cm (0.39 inch) wide, excluding the lobes, white-woolly on the lower surface.

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