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For Use on Asparagus, Field Corn (Grain, seed corn, forage and silage), Potato, Soybeans, Sugarcane and Tomato The Registrant Intends That This Product Be Used Only By Individuals/Firms Certified as Licensed Pesticide Applicators

F6482 45DF Herbicide is a dry flowable formulation to be mixed with water and sprayed for selective preemergence or preplan incorporated weed control in asparagus, field corn (grain, seed corn, forage and silage), potato, soybeans, sugarcane and transplanted tomatoes. When applied according to the instructions on this label, F6482 45DF Herbicide will control listed broadleaf, and sedge weeds, and provide grass suppression The mode of action of F6482 45DF Herbicide involves uptake by weed roots and shoots. Preemergence and preplan! incorporated applications of F6482 45DF Herbicide require rainfall or irrigation to activate the herbicide. The amount of rainfall or irrigation required for activation following application depends on existing soil moisture, organic matter content and soil texture. If adequate moisture (1/2" to 1") is not received within 7 to 10 days after the F6482 45DF Herbicide treatment, a shallow cultivation may be needed to obtain desired weed control. When sufficient moisture is received after dry conditions, F6482 45DF Herbicide will provide control of susceptible germinating weeds.
Proper handling instructions: This product may not be mixed or loaded within 50 feet of any wells (including abandoned wells and drainage wells), sink holes, perennial or intermittent streams and rivers, and natural or impounded lakes and reservoirs. This setback does not apply to properly capped or plugged abandoned wells and does not apply to impervious pads or properly diked mixing/loading areas. Operations that involve mixing, loading rinsing, or washing of this product into or from pesticide handling or application equipment or containers within 50 feet of any well are prohibited unless conducted on an impervious pad constructed to withstand the weight of the heaviest load that may be positioned on or moved across the pad. Such a pad shall be designed and maintained to contain any product spills or equipment leaks, container or equipment rinse or washwater, and rainwater that may fall on the pad. Surface water shall not be allowed to either flow over or from the pad, which means the pad must be self contained. The pad shall be sloped to facilitate material removal. An unroofed pad shall be of sufficient capacity to contain at a minimum 110% of the capacity of the largest pesticide container or application equipment on the pad. A pad that is covered by a roof of sufficient size to completely exclude precipitation from contact with the pad shall have a minimum containment capacity 100% of the largest pesticide container or application equipment on the pad; Containment capacities as described above shall be maintained at all times. The above specific minimum containment capacities do not apply to vehicles when delivering pesticide shipments to the mixing/loading site. States may have in effect additional requirements regarding wellhead setbacks and operation containment.

F6482 45DF Herbicide is labeled for use on asparagus, field corn (grain, seed corn, forage, and silage), potato, soybeans, sugarcane, and transplanted tomatoes. OO NOT use on any other crops. Utilize a boom and nozzle sprayers equipped with the appropriate nozzles, and screens and adjusted to provide optimum spray distribution and coverage at the appropriate operating pressures. Utilize nozzles that produce minimal amounts of fine spray droplets to avoid spray drift or inadequate foliar and soil coverage. Apply a minimum of 10 gallons of finished spray per acre. Be aware that overlaps and slower ground speeds while starting, stopping, or turning while spraying may result in excessive application and subsequent response.
Sprayer must be accurately calibrated before application. Check sprayer during application to be sure it is working properly. Water or liquid fertilizer must be used as the carrier for F6482 45DF Herbicide, when applied alone, or when tank mixed with other soybean or sugarcane herbicides. Ajar test for compatibility of liquid fertilizer and F6482 45DF Herbicide tank mix is recommended if the compatibility of the liquid fertilizer and F6482 45DF Herbicide is unknown. Continuous agitation during application is required. Avoid overlap. Shut off spray booms while turning, slowing, or stopping, as over application may result. Do not store the sprayer overnight or for any extended period of time with the F6482 45DF Herbicide spray mixture remaining in the tank. 

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