Fall panicum

Panicum dichotomiflorum

Perennial, or annual (rarely); caespitose. Rhizomes short. Butt sheaths pubescent. Culms erect, or geniculately ascending; robust, or of moderate stature, or slender; (25–)75–200(–450) cm long; without nodal roots, or rooting from lower nodes. Culm-internodes distally glabrous, or hispid, or pilose. Culm-nodes glabrous, or bearded. Leaf-sheaths wider than blade at the collar, or as wide as blade at the collar. Ligule a ciliate membrane. Leaf-blades linear, or lanceolate; (6–)12–40(–100) cm long; (4–)12–35 mm wide. Leaf-blade surface glabrous, or pubescent, or pilose. Leaf-blade apex acuminate.

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