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Fulfill Insecticide controls listed aphid species in cotton, hops, pecans, potatoes (and other tuberous root and corm vegetables), tobacco, and vegetables.
Apply Fulfill Insecticide to plant foliage when aphids first appear, before populations build to damaging levels.
Thorough spray coverage is essential for best performance. Apply Fulfill Insecticide in sufficient water to ensure good coverage of all plant surfaces. The use of greater water volumes will result in better coverage, especially under adverse conditions (e.g., hot, dry) or where a dense plant canopy exists. See the CROP USE DIRECTIONS section of this label for specific instructions on spray volumes for different crops.
With all applications of Fulfill Insecticide, the use of a penetrating type spray adjuvant, at the manufacturer’s specified rate, will improve coverage and result in optimum insect control, especially in hard-to-wet crops.
Fulfill Insecticide exhibits excellent translaminar movement (movement across the leaf surface and into plant tissue) and is rainfast as soon as the spray solution has dried.

Important: Always read and follow label instructions when buying or using this product.

Registered for culturesRatePreharvest Interval
Cotton2.75 oz21
Arracacha2.75 - 5.5 oz14
Arrowroots2.75 - 5.5 oz14
Bean yam2.75 - 5.5 oz14
Cassava2.75 - 5.5 oz14
Chayote2.75 - 5.5 oz14
Taro, dasheen2.75 - 5.5 oz14
Ginger2.75 - 5.5 oz14
Leren2.75 - 5.5 oz14
Potatoes2.75 - 5.5 oz14
Sweet potatoes2.75 - 5.5 oz14
True yam2.75 - 5.5 oz14
Turmeric2.75 - 5.5 oz14
Tobacco2.75 oz14
Asparagus2.75 oz170
Broccoli2.75 oz7
Brussels sprouts2.75 oz7
Cabbage2.75 oz7
Cauliflower2.75 oz7
Chinese cabbage2.75 oz7
Collard greens2.75 oz7
Kale2.75 oz7
Kohlrabi2.75 oz7
Mizuna2.75 oz7
Mustard greens2.75 oz7
Mustard spinach2.75 oz7
Rape greens2.75 oz7
Chayote2.75 oz
Citron melons2.75 oz
Cucumbers2.75 oz
Gourds2.75 oz
Gherkins2.75 oz
Pumpkins2.75 oz
Squash2.75 oz
Watermelon2.75 oz
Eggplant2.75 oz
Ground cherries2.75 oz
Pepinos2.75 oz
Peppers2.75 oz
Sweet peppers2.75 oz
Tomatoes2.75 oz
Tomatillos2.75 oz
Amaranth2.75 oz7
Arugula2.75 oz7
Cardoon2.75 oz7
Celery2.75 oz7
Celtuce2.75 oz7
Chervil2.75 oz7
Corn salad2.75 oz7
Sorrels2.75 oz7
Endive2.75 oz7
Finocchio, florence fennel2.75 oz7
Cress2.75 oz7
Purslanes2.75 oz7
Lettuce2.75 oz7
Orach, atriplex2.75 oz7
Parsley2.75 oz7
Radicchio2.75 oz7
Rhubarbs2.75 oz7
Spinach2.75 oz7
Hops4 - 6 oz14
Pecans4 oz14