Glufosinate 280 SL

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GLUFOSINATE 280 SL is a water soluble herbicide for application as a foliar spray for the control of a broad spectrum of emerged annual and perennial grass and broadleaf weeds jn LibertyLink canola, LibertyLink corn, LibertyLink cotton and LibertyLink soybean and in trees vines and berries. GLUFOSINATE 280 SL may be applied for potato vine desiccation. GLUFOSINATE 280 SL may also be applied as a broadcast burndown application before planting or prior to emergence of any conventional or transgenic variety of canola, jweet corn, corn, cotton^ olive, rjce, soybean or jugar beet GLUFOSINATE 280 SL is only foliar active with little or no activity in soil. Weeds that emerge after application will not be controlled. Apply GLUFOSINATE 280 SL to actively growing weeds as described in the Weed Control Recommendations for Row Crops section to get maximum weed control. Uniform thorough spray coverage is necessary to achieve consistent weed control. Necrosis of leaves and young shoots occur within 2 to 4 days after application under good growing conditions.
• GLUFOSINATE 280 SL is rainfast four (4) hours after application to most weed species therefore rainfall within four (4) hours may necessitate retreatment or may result in reduced weed control.
• Applications should be made between dawn and two hours before sunset to avoid the possibility of reduced lambsquarters and velvetleaf control.
• Consult your local Cooperative Extension Service or Albaugh, Inc. Representative for guidelines on the optimum application timing for GLUFOSINATE 280 SL in your region.
• Weed control may be reduced if application is made when heavy dew fog and mist/rain are present or when weeds are under stress due to environmental conditions such as drought cool temperatures or extended periods of cloudiness.
• To maximize weed control do not cultivate from 5 days before an application to 7 days after an application.

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