Carolina horsenettle

Solanum carolinense

Horsenettle seedling stems (hypocotyls) are stout and erect, and are either entirely purple or green with purple tinges. Both the hypocotyl and the main stem above the seed leaves are densely covered with short, stiff hairs.
The two seed leaves (cotyledons) grow to ½ inch (12 mm) long and about half as wide. They are oval, glossy green on the upper surface, light green below, and smooth except for tiny hairs along the margins. The midvein shows as a depression on the upper surface and a ridge on the lower.
The first true leaves on young horsenettle plants appear as a cluster. They are bright green above and pale green underneath. The first two leaves have sparsely hairy upper surfaces and smooth margins. Subsequent leaves develop wavy or lobed margins, hairy surfaces, and long yellow spines along their midveins. The leaf stems (petioles) are flat along the upper surfaces and are covered with stiff spines and fine hairs.

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