Glyphosate 41 Concentrate

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General Information
Glyphosate 41 % Concentrate grass and weed killer is a non-selective herbicide that will kill most annual and perennial grasses and broad leaf weeds. Mix Glyphosate 41 % Concentrate with water and apply as a foliar spray to kill unwanted plants around driveways, walkways, fences, trees, flower beds, trees, shrubs
and other areas of your yard. This product may also be used on large areas to kill existing turfgratses prior to sodding or reseeding, and for weed control in garden plots prior to planting. Applications to plant foliage are rainfast in about 2 hours and afterward will not be affected by rainfall or irrigation.

When to Apply
Glyphosate 41 % Concentrate may be applied anytime weeds are actively growing. Treated weeds may begin to wilt within a few hours, but complete kill may require 1 to 2 weeks. Mature weeds in advanced growth stages may require up to 4 weeks for complete kill. For best results, apply when weeds are small and before seed heads have formed. Small, actively growing weeds may be killed with a single application while perennial weeds or annual species that are mature or in advanced growth stages may require re-application. If re-application is necessary, wait until new growth appears.

Where to Apply
For General Weed Control: Use along fences, paths, patios, sidewalks and driveways, around trees, shrubs, and ornamental plantings and flower beds, around buildings and in brick and gravel driveways. Use to trim and edge landscape areas. DO NOT use for spot weed control in lawns since any green plant contacted by the spray will be killed, including turfgrasses. Be aware that turf or other desirable plants or groundcovers may be damaged if undried spray is tracked from adjacent treated areas. For Spot Spraying: Use on actively growing weeds in and around flower beds, ornamental trees, fruit and nut trees, grapevines, shrubs, fences, driveways and walkways. Spray when the air is calm and make sure that spray does not contact leaves, green stems or exposed roots of plants you do not want to kill. If necessary, use cardboard or plastic to prevent spray from contacting valuable plants. If this product is used to control weeds around fruit or nut trees or grapevines, wait 21 days before harvesting fruit or nuts.

How to Use
Important: This product is a non-selective grass and weed killer that will kill almost all plants contacted. If necessary, shield desirable plants from contact using cardboard or plastic. If plants are accidentally sprayed or contacted, immediately rinse entire plant with water. Spray when air is calm and apply uniformly to wet the entire plant.
To apply this product use:
• Sprayer with tank made of plastic, aluminum or stainless steel.
• Other hose-end sprayer recommended for weed killers (herbicides)
• Hand-trigger sprayer
Do not use or store spray mixtures of this product in galvanized steel or unlined steel sprayers, or apply through any type or irrigation system or with a sprinkler can. Thoroughly rinse sprayer and flush all sprayer parts with water three times after use. Spray rinse water on bare soil or gravel. After very thorough cleaning, sprayer may be used to apply other products.

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