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Granite GR herbicide is a postflood, postemergence herbicide for selective control of susceptible grass, broadleaf, and sedge weeds in California rice. Susceptible weeds at the 1 to 3 leaf stage emerged at the time of application will be controlled (refer to Application Rates and Weeds Controlled table). Apply Granite GR directly into flooded fields when rice is at a minimum 2 1/2 leaf stage of growth. At this stage, the second leaf is fully expanded or unfurled with the third leaf emerged but not expanded (refer to Application Timing section). Average water depth at application should be maintained at 4 to 5 inches, with a minimum water depth of 3 inches in the shallowest part of the field with completely submerged weeds and no exposed soil (refer to Water Management section).
Rice crops grown under adverse environmental conditions, such as extreme cold or heat, may express temporary crop injury when Granite GR is applied including slight height reduction or root stunting. Any crop stress or environmental factors which decrease plant metabolism and growth may reduce weed control efficacy and crop tolerance. Such effects are transient and do not affect yield. Fertilizer top dressing will speed crop recovery.


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