Imidacloprid 70 DF

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It is a violation of Federal Law to use this product in a manner inconsistent with its labeling

Do not apply Imidacloprid 70 DF in Enclosed Structures Such as Greenhouses or Planthouses.
Apply Imidacloprid 70 DF as a directed broadcast foliar spray. For best results, apply thoroughly to foliage without runoff. Adequate spray volumes, properly calibrated application equipment and spray adjuvants are all important factors in obtaining thorough coverage. If coverage and retention of Imidacloprid 70 DF on leaves and fruit are inadequate, loss of insect control or delay in onset of activity may occur. Unless otherwise specified in the use directions, Imidacloprid 70
DF may be applied with either properly calibrated ground or aerial application equipment.
Minimum spray volumes are 10 gallons/Acre by ground and 5 gallons/Acre through aerial equipment, unless the use directions specify otherwise. Imidacloprid 70 DF may also be applied by overhead chemigation (see additional CHEMIGATION DIRECTIONS FOR USE section below) if the specific crop use directions allow.
Unless allowed by State specific 24 (c) supplemental labeling, the use of Imidacloprid 70 DF on crops grown for production of true seed intended for private or commercial planting is not allowed. For additional information on Imidacloprid 70 DF uses for these crops, contact the Cooperative Extension Service, PCAs, consultants or local United Phosphorus, Inc. representatives.
Do not apply more than 0.5 Ib active ingredient per acre, per year, regardless of formulation or method of application, unless specified within the crop-specific use directions for a given crop.

To prepare the application mixture, first place a portion of the specified amount of water in the tank and add Imidacloprid 70 DF while agitation is underway. Add the remainder of water needed. Agitate during both mixing and application. Imidacloprid 70 DF may also be mixed with other pesticides and/or fertilizer solutions; check compatibility using the method below. When tank mixing Imidacloprid 70 DF with other pesticides, prepare the tank mixture as indicated above and follow suggested Order for Mixing below.
Order for Mixing - When making pesticide mixtures, add Imidacloprid 70 DF and other wettable powders or wettable granules first, followed by flowable (suspension concentrate) products, then emulsifiable concentrates last. Agitate as each ingredient is added. Do not add an ingredient until the previous one is thoroughly mixed. If a fertilizer solution is added, a fertilizer/pesticide compatibility agent may be needed. To ensure a uniform spray mixture,continuous agitation is necessary during both mixing and application.
Check for Compatibility - Test the compatibility of any intended mixture before adding Imidacloprid 70 DF to the spray or mix tank. To do this, add proportionate amounts of each ingredient in the appropriate order, to a suitable size jar, cap, shake the mixture for 5 minutes, and let set for 5 minutes. If the mixing is poor, or there is formation of precipitates that do not readily redisperse, then the blend is incompatible and must not be used. For further information, contact your local United Phosphorus, Inc. representative.

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