Plant bug


In a group as large as the family Miridae, there is a lot of variation. Plant bugs range in size from a tiny 1.5 mm to a respectable 15 mm long, for example.  Most measure within the 4-10 mm range. They vary quite a bit in color, too, with some sporting dull camouflage and others wearing bright aposematic shades. Still, as members of the same family, plant bugs share some common morphological traits: four-segmented antennae, four-segmented labium, three-segmented tarsi (in most species), and a lack of ocelli. The wings are a key defining characteristic of the Miridae. Not all plant bugs have fully formed wings as adults, but those that do have two pairs of wings that lie flat across the back and overlap at rest. Plant bugs have a wedge-shaped section (called the cuneus) at the end of the thick, leathery part of the forewings.

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