Mallet 2F Insecticide

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Application Instructions
Apply specified dosage as foliar spray as needed after petal-fall is complete. For control of Rosy apple aphid, apply prior to leafrolling caused by the pest. For first generation leafminer control, make first application as soon as petal-fall is complete. Greatest leafminer control will result from the earliest possible application. For second and succeeding generations of leafminer, optimal control is obtained from applications made early in the adult flight against egg and early instar larvae. A second application may be required 10 days later if severe pressure continues or if generations are overlapping. A single application may result in suppression only. This product will not control late stage larvae.
For San Jose Scale, time applications to the crawler stage. Treat each generation. For late season (preharvest) control of leafhopper species, apply this product while most leafhoppers are in the nymphal stage. For control of mealybugs, insure good spray coverage of the trunk and scaffolding limbs or other resting sites of the mealybugs.

Registered for culturesRatePreharvest Interval
Apples1.5 - 6 fl oz7
Crabapples1.5 - 6 fl oz7
Loquat1.5 - 6 fl oz7
Hawthorn1.5 - 6 fl oz7
Pears1.5 - 6 fl oz7
Quince1.5 - 6 fl oz7
Pecans1.5 - 6 fl oz7
Grapes1.5 - 3 fl oz