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Directions for Use
Avoid contact of herbicide with fOliage, green stems, exposed non-woody roots or fruit of crops, desirable plants and trees, because severe Injury or destruction may result. Refer to the label booklet for Glyphomax Plus herbicide for general information on product use, mixing, application equipment and techniques, labeled uses, and weed rate tables. To minimize drift, use nozzles that emit m'edium to large-sized droplets. The likelihood of drift occurring from the use of this product increases when winds are gusty, as wind velocity increases, when wind direction is constantly changing, or when there are meteorological conditions that favor spray drift. Extreme care must be used when applying this product to avoid injury to desirable plants and crops.

Broadcast Application
Glyphomax Plus may be applied as a broadcast over·the·top spray to control labeled weeds prior to harvest of dry peas, lentils, or chick peas. Apply up to 25.5 fl oz in 3 to 20 gallons of water per acre at the hard dough stage of the legume seed (30 percent grain moisture or less). Ground or aerial broadcast applications may be made.

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