Tropical soda apple

Solanum viarum

Tropical soda apple is an upright, branching, perennial shrub growing to 2 m in height. It has broad-based, straight, cream-coloured prickles to 12 mm long scattered on most plant parts.
Leaves are mostly 10–20 cm long and 6–15 cm wide. The upper and lower leaf surfaces are densely covered in short hairs; mid-veins and primary lateral-veins are cream-coloured on both sides of the leaves.
Flowers are white, 1.5-2 cm wide, with 5 petals. They occur in clusters of 3–6 off a short stem.
Mature fruit are yellow and golf ball-size (2–3 cm in diameter). When immature they are pale green with dark green veins, like immature water melons. In the USA plants produce an average of 45 000 seeds.

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