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BASF - Herbicide

Newpath herbicide for CLEARFIELD rice can be applied preplant incorporated (PPI) up to 7 days prior to rice planting, preemergence and postemergence for weed control in only CLEARFIELD rice (imidazolinone tolerant rice). Apply Newpath only on selected rice varieties or hybrids (not less than 75% hybrid seed) labeled as “CLEARFIELD” and warranted by the seed company to possess tolerance to direct application of certain imidazolinone herbicides.
DO NOT apply Newpath to rice varieties or hybrids (less than 75% hybrid seed) that lack tolerance to imidazolinone herbicides because Newpath will kill all non-imidazolinone tolerant varieties or hybrids. Contact your seed supplier, chemical dealer or BASF to obtain information regarding imidazolinone tolerant rice varieties.

Important: Always read and follow label instructions when buying or using this product.

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