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Propiconazole EC fungicide is a broad-spectrum fungicide for the control of certain diseases in listed crops.
Important: Do not use in greenhouses or as a tree injection.
Failure to follow directions and precautions on this label may result in crop injury, poor disease control, or illegal residues.

Integrated Pest Management
Integrate this product into an overall disease and pest management (IPM) strategy whenever the use of a fungicide is required. Follow cultural practices known to reduce disease development. Consult your local agricultural authorities for additional IPM strategies established for your area. Propiconazole EC may be used in state agricultural extension advisory (disease forecasting) programs, the specified application timing based upon environmental factors favorable for disease development.

Fungicide Resistance Management
Propiconazole EC belongs to the sterol demethylation inhibitor (DMI) class of fungicides and is classified as Group 3 Fungicide by EPA. Since certain fungi can develop resistance to this class of products, use Propiconazole EC as part of a resistance management strategy that includes alternation and/or tank mixing with another fungicide mode of action. After two consecutive applications of Propiconazole EC, another propiconazole product, or another DMI, rotate to a product that is effective on the target pathogen and has a mode of action different from Propiconazole EC. Apply the alternate products within the intervals specified on the label for Propiconazole EC. Do not apply Propiconazole EC at rates below those specified on the label. If tank mixing, use the full label rate of Propiconazole EC with the full label rates of other products effective on the target pest. Consult your local or state agricultural authorities for resistance management strategies that are appropriate for your disease management program.

Registered for culturesRatePreharvest Interval
Almonds4 - 8 fl oz60
Onions2 - 8 fl oz14
Garlic2 - 8 fl oz14
Shallots2 - 8 fl oz14
Chinese onions2 - 8 fl oz14
Pearl onions2 - 8 fl oz14
Chives2 - 8 fl oz14
Kurrat2 - 8 fl oz14
Leeks2 - 8 fl oz14
Caneberries6 fl oz30
Aronia berries6 fl oz30
Black currant6 fl oz30
Buffalo currants6 fl oz30
Chilean guavas6 fl oz30
Elderberries6 fl oz30
European barberries6 fl oz30
Gooseberries6 fl oz30
Blueberries4 - 6 fl oz30
Huckleberries6 fl oz30
Jostaberries6 fl oz30
Juneberries6 fl oz30
Lingonberries6 fl oz30
Red currant6 fl oz30
White currant6 fl oz30
Sea buckthorns6 fl oz30
Blackberries6 fl oz30
Boysenberries6 fl oz30
Loganberry6 fl oz30
Raspberries6 fl oz30
Carrots2 - 4 fl oz14
Spring barley2 - 4 fl oz30
Winter barley2 - 4 fl oz30
Buckwheat2 - 4 fl oz30
Millet2 - 4 fl oz30
Spring oats2 - 4 fl oz30
Winter oats2 - 4 fl oz30
Rice2 - 4 fl oz30
Winter rye2 - 4 fl oz30
Spring rye2 - 4 fl oz30
Sorghum2 - 4 fl oz30
Winter triticale2 - 4 fl oz30
Spring triticale2 - 4 fl oz30
Winter wheat2 - 4 fl oz30
Spring wheat2 - 4 fl oz30
Corn2 - 4 fl oz30
Sweet corn2 - 4 fl oz14
Cranberries4 - 6 fl oz45
Red beet3 - 4 fl oz14
Cardoon4 fl oz14
Celery4 fl oz14
Celtuce4 fl oz14
Finocchio, florence fennel4 fl oz14
Rhubarbs4 fl oz14
Chard4 fl oz14
Bearberries4 fl oz
Bilberries4 fl oz
Cloudberries4 fl oz
Lingonberries4 fl oz
Muntries4 fl oz
Strawberries4 fl oz
Citrus6 - 8 fl oz
Calamondin6 - 8 fl oz
Citron6 - 8 fl oz
Grapefruits6 - 8 fl oz
Kumquats6 - 8 fl oz
Lemons6 - 8 fl oz
Limes6 - 8 fl oz
Mandarins6 - 8 fl oz
Oranges6 - 8 fl oz
Satsumas6 - 8 fl oz
Tangerines6 - 8 fl oz
Parsley3 - 4 fl oz14
Cilantro3 - 4 fl oz14
Peanuts2.5 - 4 fl oz21
Pecans4 - 8 fl oz60
Mint4 fl oz30
Pineapples0 fl oz
Rice6 - 10 fl oz35
Apricots4 fl oz
Plums4 fl oz
Nectarines4 fl oz
Peaches4 fl oz
Plumcot4 fl oz
Mirabelle prune4 fl oz
Cherries4 fl oz
Sugarcane0 fl oz
Beechnuts4 - 8 fl oz60
Brazil nuts4 - 8 fl oz60
Butternuts4 - 8 fl oz60
Cashews4 - 8 fl oz60
Chestnuts4 - 8 fl oz60
Hickory nuts4 - 8 fl oz60
Macadamia nuts4 - 8 fl oz60
Walnut4 - 8 fl oz60