Cranberry cottonball

Monilinia oxycocci

When young cranberry shoots become infected, they show “tip blight” symptoms: shoot tips shrivel and a tan discoloration spreads from the tip of the shoot down the stem and into leaves. Cottonball tip blight differs from other shoot diebacks, in that tan V- or U-shaped lesions can be observed centered on the leaf midvein. Also, white, powdery conidia (asexual spores) appear on diseased shoots just before and during bloom. Tip blight of cottonball is often inconspicuous and is easily overlooked. Immature diseased berries show no external symptoms, but are filled with white, cotton-like fungus. While healthy berries turn red as they mature, diseased berries may acquire a red blush but are generally yellowish with tan stripes or botches.

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